Enemy-initiated Attacks by Month

In its quarterly reports the Department of Defense (DoD) uses Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) compiled statistics of what it terms "Significant Activity" in Iraq. According to GlobalSecurity.org:

"The enemy-initiated attacks counted in the Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA) reporting include car, suicide, and other bombs; ambushes; murders, executions, and assassinations; sniper fire; indirect fire (mortars or rockets); direct fire (small arms or rocket-propelled grenades); surface-to-air fire (such as man-portable air defense systems, or MANPADS); and other attacks on civilians. They do not include violent incidents that coalition or Iraqi security forces initiate, such as cordon and searches, raids, arrests, and caches cleared."


"According to DIA, the incidents captured in military reporting do not account for all violence throughout Iraq."

In the absence of raw data we have measured and annotated the DoD graph above to reflect the percentage representation of targeting by resistance and terrorist groups over the five year period of the Iraq war. As can be seen, from May 2003 through May 2008, an average of 73% of significant attacks have targeted US led Coalition forces, 15% their Iraqi military allies and the remaining 12% are directed at civilians.

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